Why Marylanders should vote yes on these two ballot questions

Being outlier is fine if it confers benefits. In Maryland’s case, the legislature’s unique budgetary impotence, and the state’s increasingly lonely ban on sports betting, are net minuses. Question 2, if approved, would legalize sports betting, already legal in 22 states, including all those bordering Maryland as well as D.C. The regulatory details remain to be worked out in legislation, but the contours are known: The state would license casinos, some racetracks, its fair grounds and other locations (such as the Washington football team’s stadium) to operate betting venues along with online (largely mobile) platforms. Annual tax revenue, which would be earmarked for public K-12 education, is estimated at $20 million to $40 million — a useful bump at a time when the pandemic has depleted taxes from casino gambling. (Wash Post)

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