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He has a psychotic objection to losing but it’s increasingly evident he can’t win.  His only strategy is to weaponize his cult.  He has access to at least fifteen law enforcement posses buried in various agencies under HIS command, not local law enforcement authorities—a b*****d militia with no chain of command or training in civilian crowd control—bursting with a thuggish relish to carry weapons, bully others and wear uniforms of authority.  He has already systematically deployed this gang of misfits on the Mexican border, at Lafayette Park and in Portland and is now plotting to provide these storm trooper services for ‘free’ to any Democratic controlled city. He is also scheming to suppress voting by purging voter lists, curtailing voting locations, encouraging Russian campaign meddling, and opposing voting by mail—that by any logic is necessary in this period of social distancing.  

All this to stir rebellion by cultists already willing to face death rather than wear masks, to enlist in a crusade against a ‘drummed’ up ‘rigged’ election. Who is to stop this raging bull whose absolute power has absolutely corrupted him?   Congress?  He refuses to honor any legislative oversight.  Impeachment failed.  The Courts are iffy.   Republicans are spineless.  Barr is Goering without a white uniform.  Pompeo is a stuffed lapdog.  Graham is a duplicitous flunky and McConnell is a professional dolt.  

Trump’s remaining tactic is to turn America into a Banana Republic—to launch a ‘coup’—sanctioned by a despotic administration,  enabled by a gang of Gestapo appointees, and led by a psychotic President—Mussolini unbridled—floundering, flailing, an-out-of-control malignant narcissist.  To prevent the coup, what the nation needs is not a call to arms but a call for a massive civic resistance and a voter turnout so gigantic it will dwarf any election landslide since Nixon carried 49 states, 61% of the vote and 520 electors.  John Lewis would have called it ‘Good trouble...Necessary trouble...’

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The Light House Increases Meals, Provides Housing Solutions with Support from Bank of America “We’re concerned with the rate of unemployment, that after some of the moratoriums on evictions have been lifted, there will be an imminent risk of homelessness county-wide. We’re preparing to be a lifeline to those desperately trying to avoid homelessness,” said Jo Ann Mattson, Executive Director of The Light House.

A $20,000 grant from Bank of America has helped The Light House meet that demand. Its Safe Harbor Resource Center, which has been delivering hygiene products and providing food and clothing throughout the pandemic, is prepped to prevent an increase in homelessness through their continued rental assistance, temporary housing, and eviction prevention programs. Safe Harbor works closely with The Light House’s workforce development programs, providing additional resources including employment training, career placement, and workforce advising services.

With support from Bank of America, The Light House's social enterprise restaurant, Light House Bistro, which temporarily closed its doors in March, was able to quickly step in to provide meals for hundreds of people experiencing homelessness throughout the community and distribute thousands of pounds of fresh produce and groceries at its drive through pantry every week.

“There has been an outpouring of support including volunteers that have donated meals, masks, and time,” said Mattson. “Bank of America asked what our needs were early and provided significant support. We are so grateful to have them as a true community partner, to stand beside us.”

“The Light House and its programs empower so many in Anne Arundel County that are facing uncertainty. Bank of America not only supports The Light House because of its commitment to meet the immediate needs of those most vulnerable, but also because its life-changing programs provide independence and hope for the future,” said Bank of America Greater Maryland Market President Sabina Kelly.

In order to continue to provide support and services to Anne Arundel County residents in need, monetary donations can be made to The Light House online at The Light House has also compiled a list of in-kind needs at

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Rev. Dr. Al Hathaway: Me Black Too
That’s what occurred after the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the powder keg of racial abuse and injustice exploded and cities throughout America were set on fire.

Time and time again, there have been precipitating incidents against African Americans that have ignited the fuse on a time bomb burning in communities right below the surface. Sparked by blatant police violence, or some atrocity against the personhood of an African American, or some racist action is all that is needed for people within communities to explode.

The names of people who because of police brutality caused the fuse of resistance to be lit due to abuse have in many cases resulted in people responding by burning and looting.

In the case mentioned above, by posting the “Me Black Too” sign that Korean American’s store was spared. Is this the secret to avoiding destruction by identifying with the plight of African Americans and posting some version of “Me Black Too” signage?

In many ways that’s what happening all over America, institutions and individuals you would never imagine are posting their version of “Me Black Too” and hoisting #BlackLivesMatter signs and writing statements expressing they are empathetic with the movement and how they now seek to display their “Me Black Too” sign.

Can you imagine no more Aunt Jemima, gone is Uncle Ben, so long to Mrs. Butterworth and good bye to the imagery on Cream of Wheat; every corporation and organization is doing a self analysis and quickly displaying their “Me Black Too” sign.

Why? Is it possible they understand what we don’t fully recognize, the power of the consumer dollar of the African American community?

According to a 2019 study by University of Georgia’s Multicultural Economy Report, “African American buying power has seen impressive gains since the end of the last economic downturn, jumping from $961 Billion in 2010 to an estimated $1.3 trillion in 2018. Since 2000, the African American market has seen a 114 percent increase in buying power.”

Is that the reason why companies and advertisers are displaying their “Me Black Too” signage? They don’t want their economic businesses destroyed or threatened.

One of the outcomes of COVID-19’s stay in place is businesses understand what, in that situation, an economic boycott means and doesn’t want to step across the line to have an economic boycott intentionally done?

Some economic researcher will do an analysis on lost revenue by racial breakdown and we will discover factually what we know intuitively, African American consumer spending greatly impacts the bottom line of most companies in America. Without African American consumer spending most businesses would not be profitable. Sucking the dollars out of the African American community creates wealth for other communities!

Check out NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s statement, though highly criticized as hypocritical, “We, the National Football League, believe black lives matter. I personally protest with you and want to be part of the much-needed change in this country. Without black players, there would be no National Football League. And the protests around the country are emblematic of the centuries of silence, inequality and oppression of black players coaches, fans and staff.”

That’s the biggest “Me Black Too” sign I’ve ever seen! For all of the hades Colin Rand Kaepernick endured and the minimization of the Black Out by the African American Community of football games, now the NFL aligns itself with #BlackLivesMatter.

Maybe the NFL understands something we don’t fully understand, if the Black Players and the Black Community joined together and took a stand, there would be no NFL: television viewership gone, advertisers gone, and all the profits the owners have enjoyed would be gone too.

“The National Football League (NFL) achieved a B for racial hiring practices and a C+ for gender hiring practices in the 2019 NFL Racial and Gender Report Card, released by The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES) at the University of Central Florida (UCF). This gave the NFL a combined B- grade. Their overall score of 79.3 percent is the lowest the League has recorded in the last 15 years. The B for racial hiring practices broke a streak of nine consecutive years of earning an A- or higher.”

For “Me Black Too” and #BlackLivesMatter to have a lasting impact, it has to be more than a symbol or a slogan to stem the destruction of a particular enterprise. It must mean we as a community, society and culture realize the structural impediments to equal access to capital and ownership must be dismantled. Incremental progress has had too many starts and stops; we are in the two-minute drill to get the ball across the line of economic equality.

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Venetoulis: Saving Private Biden search for the “truth,”  please realize that, unwittingly, you are doing Trump’s dirty work. No matter how it’s rationalized there is no conceivable journalistic concept of “impartially seeking truth” that can encourage taking down a decent man to allow the re-election of the most evil, cruel and corrupt president in our nation’s history.  Truth and Trump do not belong in the same sentence. Trump thrives on “journalistic fairness.”  He survives because of it.  He survived the last election.  He survived Mueller.  He survived impeachment.  He may yet survive accountability for the death of thousands of citizens.  Trump doesn’t care what you say about him, as long as you drag in his opponent.  Every day spent digging into his opponents twenty year allegation, is a day Trump triumphs.  While we exhume Biden’s past, Trump continues to lie, pay off donors, humiliate decent civic servants, fire competent officials, refuse to release his taxes, plunder the Treasury, stiff Congress,  violate the Constitution, anger allies, bungle the management of a national crisis, and blame or smear anyone who doesn’t kiss the ring of King Potus.  TRUMP BANKS ON THE COVERAGE OF THE ACCUSATION NOT THE RESULTS.  Was there a more vivid example than his instructions to the President of Crimea that it was not necessary to actually investigate Biden, just ANNOUNCE  an investigation! The same cult of provocateurs who ganged up on Hillary, are now ganging up on Biden (plus disgruntled Berneyites).  Are the Russians far behind? Do you want to be part of the Trump scheme to do to Joe what he did to Hillary?  Pause for a moment and think —Four More Years?  I plead with you. Stop!

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Desmarais: Make Face Coverings a National Mandate  

The Guidelines for Opening up America Again recommend individuals “strongly consider using face coverings while in public, and particularly when using mass transit.”  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain ... especially in areas of significant community-based transmission.”  All logic dictates that the recommendation must now become a national mandate.  We know that there are significant numbers of asymptomatic coronavirus carriers that can transmit the virus to others when in close proximity.  Randomized controlled trials demonstrating the effectiveness of therapeutics will not be available likely until early summer.  Effective therapeutics is not a given; it took over ten years to turn HIV into a chronic illness. We will not likely see an effective vaccine until next year and that is not guaranteed.  Masks have been shown to decrease the number of viral particles in the ambient air of users but do not provide complete protection.  Maximum possible protection in a public place is attained only through universal mask usage.  Individual citizens and local governments have varied greatly in the establishment of and compliance with pandemic control measures.  We must plan for subsequent waves of COVID-19 which may be coincident with the influenza season.


As this is written, several states have reopened without mandates to use facial coverings.  More than any other concept, perhaps, freedom defines us and we loathe having it trampled.  But the right to freedom includes the freedom from the fear that grips the vulnerable and the danger they face when they must enter the public to obtain goods necessary for their survival.  Also, it includes the right to work safely.  To deprive others of these freedoms by not requiring facial coverings is itself a form of tyranny.


Rene Desmarais

MedChi Eastern Shore Trustee  

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