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Kenneth Stevenson: Will Hereford soon be closed for business?

As President of the Hereford Community Association in Baltimore County, I have strived to strengthen the community voice in the public process. In the HCA, we are accountable to our neighbors’ concerns and preferences. The collaborative dialogue between residents, private entities, and elected officials is essential to the character and well-being of a community. We have recently seen successful corporate initiatives in communities across the county and state. That makes it all the more frustrating when an elected official refuses to cooperate with and respond to community interests. Governor Larry Hogan has declared our state “open for business,” and I could not agree more. Business brings jobs, economic growth, and lower prices as a result of competition. We should encourage business, provided that the private entities work with the local community to build a mutually beneficial relationship, and Royal Farms has done just that in its proposal for a store in... Continue reading
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The Inaugural Baltimore Brain Tumor Walk: Honoring Loss. Inspiring Hope. Funding a Cure. | Lisa Sliker, Carol Herrmann, and Rose Knight

Carol, Rose and Lisa hold a unique bond and a shared story. Fellow Catholic parishioners and neighbors within two miles of each other, all lost their children at a young age to brain tumors.  They joined together to build a prayer garden to honor their children and for all children who have lost their lives too early in life. Every year they participate as a team in the Race for Hope in DC to fundraise for brain tumor research.  This year, they are excited to welcome NBTS to their hometown, Baltimore, to share their stories, bring awareness and fundraise for a cure. In honor of the Inaugural Baltimore Brain Tumor Walk on September 10th, Lisa, Carol, and Rose have told us their stories of adversity and unyielding hope battling brain cancer.  Lisa Sliker brought her 5 year old son Christopher to her pediatrician after he had trouble doing simple things such... Continue reading
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Josh Kurtz: Postcards from MACo

OCEAN CITY – MACo is Maryland’s version of Fellini’s “Satyricon” – one surreal and disturbing scene after another. Officially, the Maryland Association of Counties annual summer convention is a professional gathering with a series of policy discussions. But outside the frigid expanse of this city’s convention center, it’s a sweatfest and a schmoozefest and a boozefest, a place where political theories and rumors are swapped like trading cards – some as nonsensical and flimsy as a summer romance, others more likely to last. This year’s MACo was especially significant because it was Republican Larry Hogan’s first as governor – last year at this time he was undergoing chemotherapy. Attendance swelled, and there was a dizzying, record-setting number of political fundraisers and lobbyist and special interest receptions, perhaps owing to the presence of Hogan and his entire cabinet – or the anxiousness of many political people to bring on the 2018... Continue reading
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The Inaugural Baltimore Brain Tumor Walk: Honoring Loss. Inspiring Hope. Funding a Cure. | Holly Gainsboro

Holly Gainsboro describes clinging to the "new normal" as her husband Steven was diagnosed, and she shares the trials and triumphs faced by her children as they helped their dad through his battle with a brain tumor. His fight was a family effort.   Today Holly is Chair of the Inaugural Baltimore Brain Tumor Walk; she urges Marylanders to get involved in the fight against brain tumors. Over 700,000 people are suffering from brain tumors, and they need your help to raise money for research and more treatment options. Over the next several weeks, in honor of the Inaugural Baltimore Brain Tumor Walk on September 10th, Lisa, Carol, Rose, Holly, and Debra will tell their stories of adversity and unyielding hope battling brain cancer. This National Brain Tumor Society event will help fund critically needed research to find a cure. We encourage you to consider sponsorship opportunities or to walk with... Continue reading
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Center Maryland Editorial: Baltimore County's Bravehearts

Housing discrimination in Baltimore County has a long, sordid history, with only rare moments of leadership such as we saw with a recent attempt by County Councilman Julian Jones and County Executive Kevin Kamenetz to modernize the county's revolting housing legacy.  Over the past 50-plus years, open-housing initiatives in the county have been met with resistance, hostility, and outright racism. Former Sun journalist Antero Pietila, perhaps the premier chronicler of race and housing in America, condemned the county’s role in greater Baltimore’s historical proclivity towards housing discrimination using the data, anecdotes, and insights of 35 years of neighborhood reporting and analysis in the widely-acclaimed account "Not in My Neighborhood: How Bigotry Shaped A Great American City."   Towson University Professor Diane Scharper highlighted Pietila's account of Baltimore County's shameful past in a 2010 Baltimore Sun book review of "Not in My Neighborhood," relaying that, "some, like Dale Anderson, former Baltimore County... Continue reading
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